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Project delivered / customers satisfied

The key is simple

Viability and balance between Project and People Relationship.

People Relationship


We are a “boutique team”: small, experienced, high-seniority, synchronized high performance development group. We have been working together for many years now and we know each other very well.


This is a two way highways: customers choose us and we choose them as well. Projects are made by people, therefore relationships between them are key.



How to know each other

Coordinate a call, tell us about your project , let us talk about our experience and time availability. A small project as a first experience is always ideal.


Who is our ideal customer

Startups or large companies that require a professional team to develop their app. People that know what they want; even more, people that already have the UIX of the app and require its programming.


When we are your ideal partner

If you need to speed up the launch of the app, work with agile methodologies, and if you already have the initial design of the app then: We are your ideal partner!

Knowledge freedom

The source ALWAYS belongs to the customer or partner. We are open to train the customers’ developers in anything that has to do with the code. Our customers choose us because we always deliver.


3301 North Club Country Drive, Aventura
Zip code 33180, Miami


Tel.: +54 (9) 351 6114 126

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